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5 Ways to Discover Where Your Customers Are Online

Rather than sitting back and hoping the right people find your business, it’s critical to use the right tricks and tools to seek out your customers. The vastness of the internet can be both a blessing and a curse. Creating a business with an online presence means that you can theoretically reach customers anywhere in […]

Get Great Google Reviews in 3 Easy Steps

Not sure how to get positive reviews of your business on Google? Sometimes all you have to do is ask a satisfied customer.   Did you know that customers can review your business on Google? These reviews show up on your Google My Business profile, in Google search results and on Google Maps. Online reviews help […]

Want to Compete in Local Search? Customer Reviews Are Key to Google Results

Online reviews for your small business are more important than ever thanks to Google’s new review summary in local search results.   Online reviews matter a lot. Not only do they boost your reputation with potential customers, they also influence how Google ranks your business in local searches. Google knows exactly how valuable reviews are […]

Instagram: 7 Basic Terms You Need to Know

If you’re using the popular social media app to market your small business, you need to get up to speed with Instagram lingo.   Like other social platforms, the terminology associated with Instagram can appear a bit daunting. Fear not. We’ve got you covered with a glossary of the most common terms you need to […]

What Are Backlinks?

You’ve heard that backlinks will help your small business website rank higher in search results. But what exactly are backlinks and how do they boost your SEO? In some ways, the internet is a popularity contest—a place where the number of “likes” and reviews you have influences the visibility of your small business’ website. But […]

What Should I Post on Instagram?

Stumped by your Instagram account? Here are some ideas for using the social media app to market your small business. Instagram is a visually driven platform, so the most important thing is to post high-quality photos and videos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but make sure all your images are well lit […]

How to Choose the Right Facebook Cover Photo

Eye-catching graphics are an important way to boost your Facebook page. These tips will help you attract customers’ attention. Other social media platforms have come and gone, but Facebook continues to dominate the online space, with more than 1 billion (that’s billion with a B) users worldwide. Still, just because your customers are active on […]

8 Questions to Ask Your Website Designer

Need to create a great digital destination for your customers? Ask these essential questions before you hire a vendor to design your small business website.  It’s common for small business owners to outsource the technical work of building a website to a freelancer or agency. But even if you don’t know much about websites, you […]

Your Social Presence

Your Social Presence Don’t know how to brand yourself?  Try going through this LinkedIn Personal Branding Playbook.

Email password reset

Please follow this step-by-step instruction in order to access your email account from any browser. As an example, we are going to use http://yourdomain.com/webmail/ URL, username@yourdomain.com email address, and a Password. Please replace them with your own information. To reset your email password click on SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > PASSWORD be sure to click on […]

WordPress Plugin Vulnerability

It was recently discovered that a large number of WordPress plugins have security vulnerabilities allowing hackers access to websites running outdated versions of these plugins. The list below includes plugins which have been identified as definitively containing the vulnerability but it is by no means a complete list:

Google Tips – Optimize your website for mobile devices

Google recently e-mailed webmasters whose website is not optimized for mobile devices. In these mails Google encourages you to adjust the web pages for mobile use. It’s a clear sign that Google could already discriminate sites more by lower rankings in the search results in the near future. The good news is, however, that in addition to […]