Web designing In Chicago

8 Questions to Ask Your Website Designer

Need to create a great digital destination for your customers? Ask these essential questions before you hire a vendor to design your small business website.  It’s common for small business owners to outsource the technical work of building a website to a freelancer or agency. But even if you don’t know much about websites, you […]

Web designing In Chicago

How to Schedule your Gmail Messages with a Google Sheet

Have you ever wanted to write an email now but send it a later date and time? Maybe you are sending birthday greetings and would like the email message to be delivered on the exact day. Or you have written the reply to an email but would like to schedule delivery in the recipient’s time zone when the message is more likely to get read.

Microsoft Outlook has a built-in scheduler to help you delay the delivery of email messages. After you are finished writing an email message and hit the Send button, the message isn’t delivered immediately — it stays in your outbox and is sent at the specified time automatically.
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