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Not sure how to get positive reviews of your business on Google? Sometimes all you have to do is ask a satisfied customer.


Get Great Google Reviews in 3 Easy Steps 1 Google Reviews in Three Steps

Did you know that customers can review your business on Google? These reviews show up on your Google My Business profile, in Google search results and on Google Maps. Online reviews help improve your small business’ online visibility

They also serve an important marketing function. Reviews can convince potential customers who are in the “research phase” to purchase from your business.

But how can you get customers to leave a great review? Here are three easy tactics.

  1. Start by asking your best customers. Try simply asking satisfied customers to leave a review on your Google My Business profile. “This is a guaranteed way to build some momentum in getting more and more reviews on Google,” advised Mulqueen.
  2. Make review requests part of every positive transaction. Consider handing out a flyer with a link to your Google My Business page and a request for a review.
  3. Never pay for a positive review. Never pay someone to leave good reviews on Google. That’s a violation of Google’s terms of service—and it’s just plain unethical. If you’re eager to increase the number of reviews, consider offering a small incentive for anyone who publishes and shows you a review. This might be a special coupon or other non-cash incentive. You’ll want to offer this type of incentive for any reviewer, regardless of if the review is positive or not.

Bonus tip: Be sure to thank all customers willing to take the time to review your business! Their perspectives, good and bad, will help you improve your level of service.