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If you’re using the popular social media app to market your small business, you need to get up to speed with Instagram lingo.


Instagram 7 Basic Terms You Need to Know 1 instagram

Like other social platforms, the terminology associated with Instagram can appear a bit daunting. Fear not. We’ve got you covered with a glossary of the most common terms you need to know. Learning this lingo will help you navigate this popular photo-and video-sharing platform and put you on the fast track to marketing your business with social media.

Username: Your username is the name of your Instagram account, and it should be easily recognizable so people can find your business.

Bio: The bio is a 150-character description of your business. You may want it to include information about your products or services.

Post: A post is the name given to a photo or video that’s uploaded to Instagram, along with the caption you use to describe it.

Like: Similar to other social networks, you can like someone else’s photo and other people can like your photos. Simply tap the heart icon or double-tap the photo.

Caption: You can add a description, or caption, to the photos and videos you upload. This is a great opportunity to talk about your products and services and to unleash the power of the hashtag.

Hashtag: This is a word or phrase preceded by the # sign. It creates a clickable link that takes the user to other posts with the same hashtag. Use hashtags to help your post reach more people.

Filter: A hallmark of Instagram, filters allow you to edit the color balance, contrast and exposure of your photos. You can get followers’ attention by adding vintage-looking or artsy filters to your images.