Unlimited Policy

What is Unlimited Policy at Anri Studio?

Our current Hosting plans do not place hard limits on the amount disk space or bandwidth an account may use. We want our customers to be able to build their websites without having to worry about disk space and bandwidth.

To maintain stable server operation, all customers must use their hosting accounts in accordance with our Terms of Service and Resource Usage Policy. These policies are in place solely to ensure our customers have the best possible hosting experience, and to do that, we do need to ensure disk space and bandwidth are used in the regular operation of websites.

Only roughly .1% of customers ever fall outside what we consider normal usage. Typically, those that do fall in the a typical category are generally using their accounts for purposes that violate our Terms of Service such as file sharing, home computer/file backups, or similar.


Simply put – disk space and bandwidth are no longer factors in web hosting. So what are the limiting factors?

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage

These are the measurements that truly matter in web hosting.

What happens if I exceed my Resource  allotment?

We truly hope you never do! But if you do, we will contact you with as much information that we can to help you in lowering your usage. We will do everything in our power to contact you before your account affects other customers on the server. In the extreme cases where an account is negatively impacting other customers on the server, we are forced to take action as necessary. We know you wouldn’t want another customer on your server causing your website to be offline, so we will always do what is best for the greatest number of customers.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns about your website and how it may fall into the different usage categories, please contact our staff! We will be happy to discuss things with you.