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Get your independence and update your site yourself in the future – whenever you want it. We equip this from your website with the content management system WordPress that we use for over 10 years, primarily as a CMS solution.

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Our WordPress Services

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WordPress Themes
We install WordPress Themes and transform a standard WordPress blog into a unique sit

 WordPress Plugins
Gladly we setup WordPress plugins to your liking.

 WordPress Training
You want to learn WordPress from scratch? Gladly, we offer individual training and show you all the tricks to help you get the most of your site!

 WordPress Consulting
Take advantage of our WordPress experience. We will advise you in all matters relating to the theme WordPress.

Why WordPress
  • Search engine friendly measures in terms of search engine optimization are included in the Grundaussattung to WordPress. All complex theories SEO is one thing in common: Content is King. Deliver real value for the user and create relevant content – for users, not for search engine.Inserting and updating your content is easy to WordPress.
  • Full-fledged CMS solution In contrast to the heavy hitters like TYPO3 WordPress is a lightweight. WordPress does not have to be applied only tens of files, but thanks to the convenient installation wizard, it is relatively quick to set up. At the same WordPress offers multiple user and rights management or the integration of chats or online shops.
  • Many themes available Good Themes in WordPress are by no means limited to the purely visual design, but powerful parcels, the comprehensive functionality beinhalten.Kostenlos or Premium Themes? With free themes you can not go far wrong now. Free themes also can be installed for testing purposes rather quickly and remove. The situation is different if you want to spice up a professional website. So-called premium Thems cost with standard license usually between 20 and 50 euros. The theme themes will be discussed again in a separate post.
  • Premium Plugins The core system from WordPress offers a sleek and functional basis. All other functions can be added individually modules. In WordPress Plugins call these modules.
  • Design adjustments WordPress offers a intergrierten Design Editor. Assuming that you are familiar with HTML and CSS, you can dare it.
  • Community and dissemination WordPress enjoys both web developers as well as users increasingly popular. Google statistics show a growing interest in the software. From 2005 to 2013, the searches have increased more than tenfold, Drupal and TYPO3 Google to record a sharp decline in requests.

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