Stumped by your Instagram account? Here are some ideas for using the social media app to market your small business.

Instagram is a visually driven platform, so the most important thing is to post high-quality photos and videos. You don’t have to be a professional photographer, but make sure all your images are well lit and your subject is fully in the frame. The social media app’s editing features and filters can help spruce up your photos, so don’t be afraid to play around.

Focus on posting authentic images. Give customers a feel for your business. Here are some ideas to help you do just that:

  • Showcase your products or the results of your work.
  • Engage your customers with behind-the-scenes photos.
  • Acknowledge happy customers by posting photos of them—with their permission, of course.
  • Show your community involvement with photos of local attractions and events.
  • Announce discounts or sales with a photo or flyer.
  • Ask an open-ended question in the photo description, and prompt customers to respond in the comments as a way to generate more engagement.

These ideas will help you get started using photos and videos to market your small business on Instagram.